Vikki is now over two years old, 25 months almost. At a year we pulled the bottle, at two we took away her Nuk, Binky or as we called it her "passie." She had a whole collection of those things, like some have earrings or pendents, she had pacifiers. She had different colored passies to go with different outfits, etc. Anyway those are all I think tossed, if any aren't they are somewhere weird hidden by Vikki herself.

So the next thing on the agenda is potty training. My memory of potty training the boys is very vague. Maybe because they were three years old when we took on the task or it was that I hardly was involved while working all day. Either way I remember it as easy as cake. Vikki well, she seems to be resisting the notion of potty training.

Lynn has been trying to get Vikki accustomed to the idea of sitting on her potty. Lynn tries before a tubby to see if she has to go, but Vikki just gets up and walks around the house which drives me crazy when I'm home because I don't want a mistake and have to clean or get the rug washer out.

So we bought reinforced cotton underwear and these plastic waterproof underpant covers. Vikki wants nothing to do with the plastic covers for her underwear. So right now, she has a size 4 diaper on with the new reinforced underwear on over of the diaper. We'll attempt again sooner than later but she is only two?

I guess, "In due time, in due time" as my mother-in-law always says.