Okay, I watched it and tried to like it, but I can't. Who took time out their Tuesday night to watch, 'Southie Rules' on A&E? 'Southie Rules' is about a family of 10, or an extended family, all living under one roof in a South Boston home. You have the young couples, the parents and the guy who just lives there. It's like a poorly written sit-com. It has the cliches like the accents and the over use of the word, "wicked." It features all the expected exaggerations and stereotypes.

The first episode was about the 'bill lottery.' Each member of the house pulled a bill out of a basket and whatever he or she drew, they had to pay. From there we see how they get the bills paid. I rate the premiere a 1 out of 4. Why did I give it just a one? Well, because of the outside shots of Boston. I love visiting that city.

The second episode of the back to back premiere was a little better. It was more about getting dad out of the house. I strayed from it a bit as I pretty much gagged at the first episode. It will probably be a hit but I can't see how any New Englander can look at the show as being anything close to real. New Yorkers may like it and people who haven't spent time in New England may find it funny.

Watch the first 2 episodes here.

All that was missing was Jimmy Fallon and Rachel Dratch doing their 'Nomar' SNL skits.