For some time our family has been talking about getting a second cat, as a playmate or friend for "Thunder." So yesterday, Lynn and I told the kids we'd go to The Greater Androscoggin Humane Society just to look. "Just to look" is I guess code in our house for bring the cat carrier just in case. "Bring the cat carrier" is code for we're not just looking. I say in this all in fun, but how can you not take home a kitty after you seem them?

We drove down Strawberry Ave. in Lewiston towards the animal shelter and again told the kids we were just looking. As we walk in, a few cats caught our eye. "Luna" and "Boo Boo", and Dylan, our 13-year-old, liked one named "Ivy." We were generally looking for a cat that was slightly past the kitten stage as "Thunder" is now 8 months old and a kitten would be too much. It's not just about age and "adorability." Some cats play better with other cats, animals and small children than others. Personalities and the cat's experiences play into which cat you choose.

I want to thank the staff and volunteers for helping us through the process of finding a cat that will adapt to our household. We were told "Luna" and "Boo Boo" were out due to being fidgety, skittish, etc. While we were there, I saw cat adoptions taking place and empty cages. I guess that's a good sign. I'm not on the board, so I don't really know, but I assume that's a good thing?

Back in December when we adopted "Thunder", we saw a cat named "Belle." "Belle" was still there yesterday, rather sad,but we were told she wouldn't fit the profile as a good choice for us as she was about 9-years-old.

After looking for about 20 minutes or so through the 15 or so cats at the shelter, we saw "Sweetie" a beige-brown-orangy colored mixed domestic. "Sweetie" and Vikki, our almost two-year-old, looked to get along and after chilling with the cat, for about 15 minutes we thought "Sweetie" was well tempered, cute and good to go. There was some discussion about looking further at "Ivy" but "Thunder" is gray and "Ivy" was black and white. Color was important to us as well.

While signing the paperwork and paying the $50, "Sweetie" was chipped and at the same time Dylan went out to the car to get the cat carrier. So it was official, she was coming home with us. How she will take to "Thunder" and vice versa was the only question left. OK, it was one of the few remaining questions we still had. That being said, she was subdued on the ride home in the carrier.

So far "Thunder" and "Sweetie" are doing OK. It was bit of a staring contest through the first few hours after meeting. Later last night there was a bit of chasing and squabbling between the two cats. Today they are doing better, finding their spots and roles in the family. I will say this though, "Thunder" is way more tidy and delicate with the litter box, Sweetie is a kicker, kind of like a bull in a china shop.