On Friday we thought we would be able to turn off the heat for good, nope we turned it back on today. We'll try again in the coming days to weeks. Oh well. That didn't stop us from having a summer type weekend.

Our oldest, Dylan has been in New York City on a school trip for the past few days and is due back tonight when we get a call that the bus is arriving. Without Dylan it has been a for the most part a quiet weekend. I had the live broadcast at Walgreens in Bath yesterday with the Easter Bunny then after when I got back home caught the Red Sox-Yankees game while others relaxed.

Around 4 pm we decided to use the grill for the first time this season as it was finally free of snow. One problem, we needed propane or that is what we thought. We unhooked the the tank from the nozzle and took it to BJ's for a refill, unbeknownst to us that the tank we were using had expired. We drive back home and grab the other tank we have and again go to BJ's, and once again that tank too had expired. We did get a nice surprise, the second tank we had weighed 40 pounds, meaning it was full or close to it. How did we not know we had a full propane tank along I do not know. 

Curious about this though, when you exchange a tank do you always get one that is on the last year of it's life? Weird that two of our tanks both originally exchanges had expired. Anyway we were able to cook burgers on the grill! That got us in the mood for a fire in the fire pit in the back yard. Lynn and I went around the yard picking up branches and small tree limbs and threw it all in the pit for kindling and went to the wood we still have left from the previous owner to keep the fire going.

The fire only lasted about an hour and a half but it was nice to enjoy the evening outdoors.

At about 9 pm we headed indoors after dousing the fire with 10 gallons of water and some snow still left in the shaded areas in the yard. We turned on NASCAR, played Tri-ominos and had a couple drinks.

The End.