The funny thing about vacations is trying to transition back to work. I’ll admit I was a little slow at the start of the workday but the engine seems to be at full speed now.

The last week was pretty much a blur as it went so fast but I hope the kids had fun. We drove about 2000 miles over the vacation. Last Saturday drove from Auburn to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. The drive took about 11 hours with three short 10-minute stops and a longer lunch break in Houlton. We ate at the Irving Big Stop and gassed up there as well as gas is about $1.50 less a gallon in the U.S.

We arrived at my Mom’s at about 7pm Saturday evening. We didn’t do much, just ate dinner and sat around and talked. We were going to stay in a hotel but at the last minute due to unforeseen circumstances we ended up cancelling the hotel reservation. Tight quarters at Mom’s, but she was happy to have us.

On Sunday, July 14 we went shopping at the malls and at the “Augusta Marketplace” type areas as well. I thought shopping in Canada would be expensive; it’s not even that bad with the 15% sales tax. Lynn forgot pjs, so went looking for some, she found a pair and we bought a few other things. We also ate lunch at a place called The Chicken Burger in Bedford. And for dinner I have my mandatory donair. A donair is more or less a sausage wrap in a sweet sauce including onions and tomatoes.

Monday, we made our way to Peggy’s Cove. Peggy’s Cove is a touristy point on the ocean with a lighthouse. It’s somewhat like Bailey Island but much bigger. Peggy’s Cove got some international attention about 15 years ago when a Swiss Air flight crashed just off shore. On Monday we also went on a walk on the Halifax waterfront and took the ferry across Halifax Harbour. The ferry is a poor man’s harbor cruise of sorts. For dinner we had rotisserie chickens from the grocery store. We also fit in a walk at Point Pleasant Park. Before our Monday adventure after forgetting the stroller we bought one on Kijiji which is a used buy and sell site in Halifax. From responding to an ad to getting the stroller it took us about an hour.

Tuesday was an interesting day. It started out with a stroll through the city’s Public Gardens and while we were there a natural gas line in the city’s south end broke during road work. Power was shut off and some were evacuated. The gas pipe break was only about four blocks away from where Mom lives. We heard sirens but had no idea what was going on. There was a bit of confusion but by noon we found each other. We spent the afternoon at the Canada Games Centre which is a fitness facility with three pools and theme park type water slides. We closed out the day with taking Mom out to Mic Mac Grill.

While in Halifax, I poked through the old photo albums and scanned a few pictures and posted them. To see them, check my Facebook page. Mom lives in the south end so I took a trip via two feet and a heartbeat to my old stomping grounds on the bottom of Queen St. Bought a coffee at the old Needs convenience store I worked at in my early 20s. The south end of Halifax is changing very quickly. Some of it looks the same but throughout the city major construction is going on. Not just in the south end but all over. Downtown, the west end, Dartmouth, Bedford, etc.

Wednesday the 17th, week took off for part two of the vacation in Edmundston, New Brunswick. While on the drive we stopped at a Fredericton radio station to see Brent, a friend and roommate from the days of broadcasting school. We didn’t have time for lunch but he gave us the tour of the radio building. They too like us have a Top 40 and Country station in their building. The boys loved it. They’ve been here at the Moose complex, but all stations are different. Ended the short reunion with a picture and then had lunch as a family at a Fredericton A&W. After lunch, it was back on to the Trans Canada westbound to Edmundston. We arrived in Edmundston at about 4pm. Unloaded the rented van and put our feet up for a few. For dinner we had pizza and I had my second donair of the trip. After dinner, Lynn went to visit her aunt who lives in-town Edmundston while I stayed with the kids and watched a bit of TV. A few hours later Lynn and her cousin arrive back and Lynn and I went into their hot tub. That ended the first night in Edmundston.

Thursday we went to the Botanical Gardens and did a walk through and saw planted sculptures among other cool exhibits like the butterflies and a woodcarver. In the afternoon while dinner is being prepped and cooked, Vikki and I took off for a cruise through town for some pictures and gas. We had home made spaghetti for dinner and then closed out the day by watching my kids’ cousin play a soccer game and watching Big Brother.

Friday was a relaxing day due to the rain at the start. After it stopped raining we tooled around town a bit but we had nothing much on the agenda, except maybe the hot tub. That afternoon we took a quick jaunt over to Madawaska to see what it was like. We spent more time on the bridge waiting to cross the border than we did in town. We had Chinese for dinner and again the hot tub this time with a few bevies. Earlier in the day I went to the liquor store to see if they still sold this wine cooler called Rockaberry we used to drink when we were taking broadcasting. It’s a wine cooler in a plastic 2 liter bottle like you’d see soda sold. I recall I could drink about three glasses before heartburn set in. One weekend Lynn and I will dive into it and see if it still gives me heart burn.

Saturday, went to a street market that Edmundston has every Saturday morning. Lynn bought a couple of things while I sipped on coffee and just enjoyed sights. That night we went for ice cream and watched ‘Jack and the Giant Killer.’

Sunday, we said our goodbyes at Pizza Delight at lunch and then drove back to Auburn but not before hitting the grocery store for a few boxes of Jos Louis.

Before I wrap this up, I want to thank Eric and Diane and their kids for putting us up in Edmundston, I also want to thank Mom for doing the same while we were in Halifax.