With the new year comes attempts at changing our lives for the better. You know the routine, resolutions, goals. You lay them out with good intentions and sometimes succeed and sometimes you don't. In between success and failure is where most of us live. I'm still not smoking and almost not still chewing the nicotine gum. That said, I'm down to just a few pieces 2mg gum a day from where I was at a card of 10 4mg pieces a day almost three months ago. Awhile ago I wrote about having issues with cigarette signs on convenience store properties and how it tempts me. A listener wrote a comment under the post talking about temptation and how it's just a part of life and he is right. Smoking is still legal and still helps small stores and Maine somewhat stay financially. Temptation is everywhere, whether it's cigarettes, fatty foods, soda or 'zumba classes' in Kennebunk. Temptation hits me again this time via US Mail and again I say no.

I hope you are having success with your goals or resolutions if you made them for the new year.