There are a few days every year I do not look forward to. One is my birthday and another is when I have to get the cars inspected. I was actually supposed to have my Malibu done back in October, but because of the accident, it was out of my hands and in the shop most of the month. Then in November, I had no time. Or that’s my story anyway. Today I bit the bullet and took in my car for its yearly check up. Just once I would like to walk away with just paying the $12.50 for the sticker. Every year it’s something that needs to be done. This time around it was windshield wipers, back brakes and rotors. It took two hours and $235.00.

I had a lot of time this morning in the waiting area, met a few people and we talked about everything from politics to the medical procedures we’ve had. One thing that gets me, and please I’m not saying all garages are this way, but what is up with just having car, hunting and company flyers on the table? Just because I’m in having a car serviced doesn’t mean I want to read about cars. Okay, the 2013 Mustang looks cool, I’ll admit that, but where are the newspapers or entertainment magazines.

At about 11:00 this morning I got the new Maine inspection sticker. Most years the stickers are plain colors, like green, blue or yellow. The last couple of years, the stickers have been blended in color, secondary or even tertiary. 2012 is an orangy-rusty-brownish color. The 2013 inspection sticker is a shade of purple. I’ve been calling it mauve. Whoever is designing the newer colors, hats off! Yes, like I said earlier, I had too much time to think about such things this morning.