Have you heard enough about Manti Te’o and the saga that follows? He’s the football player from Notre Dame with the fake girlfriend. I’m on the verge hearing enough but before everyone gets sick of the story completely, I thought I’d share a thought or two.

Here's the back story. Someone or some people drummed up the idea of scamming Manti Te’o into 'dating' a girl on-line who didn’t exist. The latest is Te’o now admits to Katie Couric that after he found out this girl was fake, he kept the story going, just more or less, to keep his image and pride in tact. I still say he was duped into believing this girl existed and that he fell in love with her.

I don’t understand how he could be into a girl that much who he hadn’t met in the real world. It boggles my mind how someone could hang on for as long as he did to a girl he didn’t see, touch, walk with, kiss, etc. Just speaking for myself, but I would get bored or frustrated with someone I couldn’t meet and just block them.

So, to answer your question, no I wouldn’t do the same thing as you Mr. Te’o. I may be married, but I can see this as I was in my single days in my youth. Even in a long distance relationship usually there's a real face to face connection before one moved away? Been there too and that relationship just faded away.

The other part of this story that makes no sense to me is, he was at college and a star athlete. You’d think girls on campus would be throwing themselves at him. I even think if he were saving himself for marriage he’d still rather go out with a real tangible woman.

Lastly, if what we see and hear is true on the surface, the people who set up the catfish con are heartless. It was probably a sick joke in the beginning and a situation that went way out control but where is the couth, class and apology from the group that set up this con?