One of my favorite adventures is grocery shopping. Not sure if it’s because I like food or just like getting out of the house. Maybe it’s the guilt free shopping spree. You need food see, often you don’t need clothes or electronics. Lynn, Vikki and I did some grocery shopping this morning.

Vikki at BJ's

I used to love grocery shopping when dating; I also like grocery shopping as a family today just there is a bit more compromising. If you bring the kids sometimes it does turn into an episode of “have a scene or give in.” My kids are good, it’s probably because we often get things they like. Love seeing them smile and shout “yay!”

One of my favorite pastimes at the grocery store is signing along with

Vikki diggin' the pink shirts

the forgotten songs played over the speakers. The best part; these are often songs that weren’t overly popular or as we in radio call, “stiffs” or “duds.”

Another part of grocery shopping I love is getting free samples. Doesn’t happen everywhere and all of the time but if you shop on a Saturday at a wholesale club. There are fryers sizzling with mini morsels of chicken, might get a bit of apple pie, yogurt, soup is a popular sample item as well. You can eat lunch while at the store!

It really doesn’t matter if I’m hungry or not, I’m always up for a walk through the aisles and checking out the coupon fliers. Also always ready for a discussion about what’s for dinner. We sometimes make a grocery list and other times wing it. It really can be more fun if you go without a list but when you get home you'll always notice you've forgotten something no matter how small.

Our normal plan of attack is BJ’s Wholesale Club for bulk meats, which get split up into meals. BJ’s is also great for other foods and items we go through quickly.

Once we’re done with BJ’s we often hit Walmart for household goods, like cleaners, diapers, health and beauty items and prepackaged foods, ie: Hamburger Helper, peanut butter cereal and junk food.

Shaw's is third if there is time or space in the trunk. They have great specials if you have their card. For example, buy one get one free. Shaw’s even has better deals than that. Shaw's is where we usually get our bottled water, soda and produce and stuff on sale. Lynn buy most of the produce at Blackies on Minot Ave in Auburn.

When the cupboards, freezer and fridge are all full, life is good.