When your child finds something on-line or gets a download, as a parent you ask yourself if it's appropriate? My oldest Dylan, is 13 and so far I’m okay with this game he plays on occasion, Slender Man. There is a push to make a Slender Man movie. The concept of the game, you need to find eight notes to create a manuscript before you get attacked, by, Slender Man.  When you round-up the eight notes, the game resets and you’re on level two and again you need the notes to get to level three. Dylan just told me, level two is "day" mode and level 3 is “twenty dollar“ mode. It is a horror game which isn’t too violent, just suspenseful. The music score and sound affects do the trick for the suspense, but if you see Slender Man you’re in trouble! Who or what is Slender Man? I’m still trying to figure that one out. The You Tube videos have over a million views so someone’s heard of this game and played it. There are different settings, the woods, mansions, a sanatorium, etc. Apparently that eighth note on level three is very tricky. (evil laugh) As Halloween approaches you may want to look up, Slender Man. Probably not for children under 10.