Gary Hammond, the co-owner of Hammond Tractor in Fairfield, who is a gun owner and hunter, offered people the opportunity to bring in guns they wanted destroyed in the wake of the Newtown Connecticut shooting. He said he would use tools at the business to dismantle the guns. Criticism has caused him to change his mind.

Duane Wheeler, one of Hammond's fellow Rotarians, decided after the shootings at Sandy Hook he wanted to be rid of his guns for good. Hammond offered to destroy them for him and decided to extend the offer to the public. But after criticism, which he wouldn't elaborate on according to a newspaper article, he thought better of the offer and pulled it.

Although Hammond said he owns guns and would not be getting rid of his own, he felt the offer was a viable public service.

Personally, it's a bit unclear to me where his offer would stir up a controversy. I'm a gun owner and, if need be, would gladly stand up for the second amendment. But there are also freedoms granted by the constitution that allow people freedom to do what they want with their own property and freedom to offer a legal (and free) personal services such as Gary Hammond offered. While I would never take advantage of such a service myself, I wouldn't stop my neighbor from doing so (although I might offer to buy his guns).