'The Simpsons' have been on the air with new seasons for 24 years and they haven’t aged, what’s their trick to staying so young? 24 years, that’s a generation of Bart, Maggie, Homer, Marge and Lisa being on TV. The Simpson’s debuted on this day, December 17th back in 1989.

Before, 'American Dad', 'King of the Hill', 'Family Guy' and even 'South Park', there was 'The Simpson’s'. Even for an animated series, 'Spongebob...' would still have 10 years to go after 'The Simpson’s' left as 'Spongebob...' only has 14 years on the air so far.

I remember at the time back when 'The Simpson's' was a new show being at a friend’s house watching it back in our Super Mario 3 phase. Yes, The Simpson’s, Super Mario Brothers and AC/DC cassettes all go together in my world.

Do you remember "Do The Bartman?" That song always brings me back to when I was working at a convenience store; I remember fronting shelves, making coffee and mopping the floors to that song.

As life got busy, I more or less stopped watching the show but I will say I loved the first few seasons. An iconic television show to say the least.

Here’s to the past 24 years of 'The Simpsons' and to another 24 years to come.