Today marks the first day of spring! It began at 12:57 pm Eastern time. As I write this it’s pretty nice out. The sun is somewhat out and the snow we got last night is melting. This morning though it was anything but nice.

We received a phone call at 5:20 from the Auburn Schools to hear that the boys had a two-hour delay. Around 7 am I woke up, poured a cup of coffee and looked outside to what looked like about 2-3 inches of snow.

I thought about letting it melt on its own, but it was so sloppy and heavy I was afraid the cars would get stuck at the mouth of the driveway due to the plows going up and down the street, so at about 8 I went out to shovel.

After about a half hour I got the end of the driveway done and then  I started on the rest of it. That was fine, but once again I saw a flat tire, this time on the Ford. What is it with us and tires going flat?

At this point I had to take Dylan to Edward Little. I took the Saab and drove him and when I got back, I jacked up the car and took the tire off and drove down to the gas station and used an air machine and filled it. Drove back home, put the tire back on and took Justin to Park Avenue in the Ford.

When I got back home from taking Justin to school, I started back in on shoveling the driveway. At about 10:45 I finally finished or in reality, I got it mostly done and said to myself, that’s good enough for government work and left the rest.

That was my last few hours of winter. Now it’s spring and hopefully a sign of better luck.

What does spring mean to you? Me, early spring means earthy funky smells from the ground, mud and a desire to get out of the house and do fun stuff.