Today was once known as Secretary's Day. Now we call it Administrative Assistant's Day...or is it Administrative Professional's Day? As time goes by, so many of the terms and titles have changed and will I'm sure continue to change to be more inclusive and gender-neutral. As examples, the job title is no longer waiter/waitress, we now refer to these workers as servers, likewise with actors and the same for other professions too numerous to mention.

We as people who talk on the radio, our job title has gone through changes as well. We used to be radio djs/disc jockeys, then it became radio announcers, on-air personalities and my favorite, air talents. In trades, you used to see the term "air talent" in want ads. You may still today, but I haven't looked looked for a job in over a decade, so that too may have changed.

As we move through life, please keep me updated on what's politically correct so I don't offend people. And as I wrap up this thought, Happy Secretary's/Administrative Assistant's/Professional's/Front Office Worker's/No Clue How You Do What You Do Day, Amber Bachelder, Jacque Graf and Sharon Griffith.