"Thunder" & "Sweetie"

As you may know, our family has two cats, “Thunder and “Sweetie.” "Thunder" is a delicate man who is very particular and doesn’t mind being picked up for the most part. "Sweetie" on the other hand, hates being picked up and at times acts like a bull in a china shop. I'm not sure why there are differences, but I’ll chalk it up to personalities.

Yes, both cats are a lot different in many ways. "Sweetie" likes to lick my hand, actually she likes to lick a lot of things, blankets and “Thunder” also come to mind. So anyway, last night one of them took down our living room curtains. Instead of getting annoyed, I just put the curtain rod back up. This brings me to my question, I wonder if cats think? Do they think about life? Do cats ponder what’s on the other side? Do they hold the secrets of the universe? They probably don’t have the answers to the world’s secrets or the universe, but I’m curious. I ask the same thing of dogs and other animals.

Or, is it how we think of our pets? They just want to be fed and have a quiet place to nap. I know cats have emotions, fears and excitement like other I'm sure other animals do, but there has to be more going on between the ears when it comes to felines, canines and others.