I am excited about a new show on History about treasure hunting in my home province of Nova Scotia. I just found out about it over the weekend. It’s entitled, ‘The Curse of Oak Island’. I remember learning about Oak Island in school and the so-called "money pit" but since sort have forgotten about it.

Oak Island is located about an hour southwest of Halifax, the city where I grew up and apparently has buried treasure. However, anyone who has gone to look for it, has either come up empty handed or has never come back. I'm reminded a bit of the movie 'Goonies' when I think about the Oak Island money-pit

As for the show, it is about two brothers attempting to find that supposed hidden treasure the ones who came looking before failed to do.

The last episode and only one I've seen, was about the draining of the marsh. I’m not sure how many shows I’ve missed but I must go back and look them up either on-line or watch them on TV if History reruns the past episodes before the new episode which airs on Sunday at 10 pm.

A little piece of Nova Scotia lore. I’m late to the party on this just like with Trailer Park Boys. Better late than never as they say.