This is all you're gonna get for pictures for the time being- Hey, it's all about suspense!

Keri, Evan and I are very excited to share with everyone that we are BUYING A BRAND NEW HOUSE in Windsor! Yes, it's true that we have lived in Windsor for just over 3 years, and anyone that is a regular listener of the morning show knows that we've been looking recently for a place to BUY! The searching process, seemingly long at times, finally came to an end about a month or so ago when we landed on a brand new home, not even done being built yet!

The great thing about a house that isn't done? Customization baby! Ker and I have been able to choose just about everything we want. Floor color, counter color, cabinet color, appliance and more! How lucky are we that we will literally be moving into a house that is all ours! Even the floor we walk on?!

We hadn't told Evan through most of the process because we didn't want him telling the whole world either, however, the other night we told him we had to go to the store and drove over and pulled in the driveway. He couldn't figure out what we were doing or who's house it was... When I said it was our new house he just about flipped!

Okay... I'll show you guys ONE more picture, but that's IT! No more til later!

Evan and me standing on our new back deck overlooking our newly seeded lawn!

So there you have it.... the BIG announcement. And the whole time you were probably thinking I was going to say we're pregnant. HA- Silly Moose Nation.