So you probably didn't go out and buy this brand new Lamborghini Gallardo today, though maybe you would have if you had actually won the lottery.

Never fear, Saturday's jackpot is said to be nearing $700 million, a national lottery record.

Here's what our Facebook fans said yesterday about how they would spend the money!

Stacie HustusI am the head cook at an elementary school and if I won , no child would EVER have to worry about lunch money again ( in my District ) I would also do the obvious and pay off all my debt... Build a new house ... And make sure my local food pantry shelves would ALWAYS stay well stocked ... The last thing I would do is also make sure that my friends at 92 Moose got a nice bonus


Alicia RackleyWe'll pay off debt, get a new vehicle but something good for environment but nothing to fantsy. I don't need to spread that I won. Lol I would build a house but nothing like a mansion. Help family. Def find ways to give back. My son has autism so prob to his school which has done so much for us. A savings for my son. Make sure he is taken care of if something were to happen to me. I actually think I would start up my dream job. The possibilities are endless but you should always give back.


Helen DunphyBuy or build 2 houses side by side. One for me and one for my daughter and family. Have to have some land. Have a barn for a few horses. A swimming pool. Be able to stay home and spend time with my family. Pay everything off, bills for me, my daughter, my mother, and my brother.


Debbie HummelBuy property and get mobile homes and put Veterans in them and give them a chance to get a new start in life .provide transportation as well. Also make a program to keep this happening. The same goes for homeless families in need. Work at getting more people involved in keeping new programs going to help these things remain in place .


George WrightGet the hell outta Maine!


Robert Corson92 MOOSE ROCKS ASS

Had to include you, Robert, best answer yet.