Earlier today I heard "I Can Love you Like That" by John Michael Montgomery and it got me thinking about all the hit songs and covers of those songs that become hits later in either different genres or by newer artists in the same format."

A few quick examples would be “I Can Love You Like That," a song that soon after was covered by the “boy band” All 4 One. I prefer the All 4 One version better, but I have to give John Michael Montgomery his do for giving it an organic quality and paving the way for it's familiarity.

Another song that was a hit in both country and pop was “I Could Not Ask For More.” In the case of this song, I much prefer Edwin McCain’s version over Sara Evans’ redo. I like McCain's better because of personal memories and the time it was out but both are amazing musically.

Back in the mid 90s, Az Yet  covered Chicago’s “Hard to Say I’m Sorry.” I’m partial to Chicago when it comes to this song. Likewise I’m partial to the first time around for “Best I Ever Had.” Originally done by Vertical Horizon then done again in the country realm by Gary Allen.

Another one that comes to mind while writing this post is the song “Smooth Criminal.” The original was by Michael Jackson and the cover was by Alien Ant Farm. It this case I prefer the cover. Nothing against Michel Jackson.

Thinking about George Michaels’ “Faith,” I liked over Limp Bizkit’s try. I like Bryan Adams’ “Heaven” over "Heaven" by DJ Yanou, and again these are all just opinions. Last but not least, "Life in a Northern Town." I am so divided here as I love both versions. The first done by Dream Academy back in the mid 80s and then in mid 2000s it was redone in country by Sugarland and Little Big Town.

I know I’m leaving a ton of songs out, maybe you can come up with some. Do you have any songs you like that were hits twice by two different artists?