Winter is upon us. There are a few different ways to heat your home. Your choices are primarily oil, wood, pellet, electric and gas; both natural and LP (propane). Maybe not today or anytime this winter, but we're seriously considering going to natural gas. The pipe runs right down our street and the price is significantly less. Our furnace is quite old and is a waiting game. During our inspection we were told we have a good furnace not the most efficient but it should run a while longer. He also said it's about 35 years old and might nickel and dime us but we shouldn't rip it out now. Probably when it "goes" we'll make the switch. The street home hook-up is free if you have a pipe going by your house. Anyway you look at it, heating your home is a major cost and very needed. Use of LP gas has doubled from 2004 to 2009 in Maine. Propane as I write this is $2.73 a gallon and oil is on average $3.66 a gallon. It wouldn't take too much time to make the money back after redoing your heating system. I'm just saying.

Source: Sun Journal, Source: Revision Heat