Right now, three of the four major league sports are going. This means a debate in many households over TV time. I know at home, I can see or have access to many games because of the bedroom TV, but I often take a pass because it’s kind of anti-social watching sports by yourself. Although, I often trade TV sports time for Facebooking or some other activity that doesn’t involve others in the household. So I guess it is no better.

This post is however more about mobile devices. Remember Ben from Fever Pitch, the movie with Drew Barrymore? Not that he had a cell phone or tablet, but he did go out of his way to get a Sox score. You must know someone who checks their phone for texts, Facebook updates and sports scores while you’re out with them; my question is when does it cross the line? Dinner at what I call a “sit-down” restaurant, at a movie?

I want to hear from both people who check their phones constantly and from those for whom it irritates. I know Saturday night my schedule is free, so it will be in front of the flat screen but if I was out, I know I’d be checking the Red Sox score at least every 10 minutes.