Garden variety headaches are the most annoying pains in the body for me anyway. They take down your mood; make you irritable and less productive. Guess what? I have one right now and have for most of the day. If there is no Tylenol or similar medicine around what should you do? You can apply an icepack to wherever you feel the pain. For example, forehead, neck, temples.  Taking a bath and or rest in a dimly lit room can help as well.  Some other home headache remedies are drinking water and believe it or not drinking a caffeinated beverage can help. You can try putting a headband around your head. That may help as well.

A few other methods you could attempt include pressing your lips together tightly then release and relax. Make a wide smile and let if fade or you can try clenching your jaw and releasing it. Try squeezing your eyes and reopening them. A friend told me if you squeeze the muscle between your thumb and the index finger that works. My favorite is to breath in and hold my breath for about 30 seconds and then release and relax. Repeat as necessary.

Love to hear a secret you may have regarding alleviating headaches.

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