Springtime is wedding time, and while weddings are a happy occasion, they can also be a very stressful one for most couples, especially when it comes to the issue of who’s going to pay for it all.

It's no longer automatically the case that the bride's father pays for the wedding day.  More couples these days are paying for some or all of the cost and it's tricky to get what you want if you have a restricted budget.

Classic Weddings Group, which has been working with brides and grooms in New England since 1991, has a number of solutions for trimming that wedding expense without compromising on quality.

    • Keep a lookout for designer sample sales when it comes to finding your wedding dress, shoes and jewelry.  If you have married friends, ask them if they still have their veils and other accessories.  They may be just what you're looking for and borrowing will slash your wedding outfit expense.
    • Keep it simple when it comes to your reception venue.  Bring the flowers from the church to the reception so they have a double purpose, substitute candles for floral displays or use pretty potted plants instead of expensive centerpieces.
    • If your wedding menu reflects what's in season, you'll slash the costs.  You could also offer sparkling wine instead of champagne - most people won't notice.
    • Check if your reception venue offers a lower hire price on particular days of the week or at certain times of the year.  You might be surprised at how much you can save.

Classic Weddings has many more ways to ease the stress of wedding planning. Join them this Wednesday, April 24 from 6-9 p.m. at the Senator Inn and Spa located at 284 Western Ave. in Augusta, for Bride’s Night Out, an evening of Wedding Planning, with exclusive award-winning wedding vendors.  Have fun, dance, drink and plan your upcoming wedding with friends and family. Bride’s Night Out is a free event, register online here.

The people at Classic Weddings Group are experts at delivering the perfect wedding way on a tight budget.  Why not give them a call to talk about your needs?  Reach them at 877-328-9398,or visit classicweddingsgroup.com.