Christmas is over, well the 25th has passed. If we’re counting, we’re on the 2nd day of Christmas but for the sake of story, Christmas Day is now a day behind us. What did you get for Christmas? Anything you want to tell us about? In our family Christmas is mostly for the kids but I did get a few cool things.

Santa gave me a Red Sox Slanket or Snuggie type throw pictured here. Santa also brought me two pairs of jeans and the Reebok hoodie in the lower picture. The jeans in the pictured are made of a weird fabric. Sort of like plastic or vinyl? A different jean than I’m used to but comfy. I think they’re cool looking as well, and that’s really what matters right?

As for the kids, Santa came with a Kindle Fire for one, an iPod Touch for the other among other smaller gifts . Vikki got a lot of toys and clothes.

Last night did our annual Chinese food take out Christmas night dinner with our close friends and exchanged gifts and that was the day in a nutshell.  We had a great Christmas as a family and ow we look forward to New Years.

My Red Sox Snuggie type throw!