As I always say, it’s not June 21 that is the longest day of the year, it is tomorrow. As you’ve seen and read 100 times, clocks “fall back” tonight/tomorrow at 2 am. How you spend that hour doesn’t have to be between 2am and 3am, or is it 2am and 2am? You can think of it as a floating bonus hour to be used over the weekend at any time. An hour, it doesn’t seem like a lot of time but think of what you can accomplish in that hour. The obvious answer right off would be sleep. You could also probably get your house clean, you could watch all of Saturday Night Live and not feel the affects. Maybe catch up on your pile of shows in your DVR?  Go for another round of raking leaves, grocery shop? Go for a walk. I know there are some who work overnights, and yes it will mean a longer night, but an extra hour of pay assuming. Today, most clocks change on their own so you don’t even have to do that! No matter how you spend your extra hour, hopefully it will be of a benefit to you. Me, I took some of my hour and shared it with you right here. Whether this post made you smile or inspired you, I hope you enjoyed my ramblings.