Holy moly, is there any road in central Maine that is in good shape?  I can find little stretches here and there that is OK, but gees, they are hard to find.  At first I thought it was just Augusta. I live and work in Augusta, I don’t leave very often. But, having made my out into other communities I know it is not just Augusta, it is everywhere!

I am worried about these potholes and bumpy roads. They are bad enough in my SUV, but this spring when I get my little Hello Kitty scooter out of storage, it will kill both of us.

What is so different this year?  Is it the never ending cold and ice this year? Is it the fact road care is expensive and things have been put off so it is starting to catch up with us?

How to solve the problem? I have no idea. Is there a product that roads can be built with that will last? Personally, I think hovercrafts are the answer. No wear on the roads. No need to plow or salt. Ya, hovercraft, that' the ticket!