Here is a funny little story from this morning. I was watching TV in bed just getting my head around getting up for the day. I’d say it was about 8:45. At 8:15 about a half hour earlier Lynn said she was taking a shower and after we were going out to run a few errands. At 8:45 about a half hour later I’m wondering what the hold up was. I too was going to head in to the shower. So just in my boxers I head out toward the bathroom, dining room and kitchen area.

As I amble through the hallway I see this dude sitting at my dining room table, thankfully he didn’t turn around and see me. I quickly headed back to the bedroom and throw yesterdays clothes. I then go back out to the dining room to see who this cat is; he introduces himself and over the dining room table is a spread of pamphlets and other literature promoting a learning program. He was a door-to-door salesman. Its 2013, I didn’t even know people went door to door anymore. I thought that went out with encyclopedias and milk delivery in the early 80s? Who knew that type of marketing was still happening without an appointment? Nice guy and seemingly professional. So anyway he’s giving his pitch to Lynn while I’m trying to collect my thoughts and making a coffee at the Keurig.

After my coffee is ready I sit at the table all while we know we're not interested but being polite we listened. Lynn finally told him that she’s a former teacher and she understands new math and some newer teaching techniques. He was a very nice guy and I'm sure it's a great product but we just weren't interested.

The learning program was he trying his butt off to sell is a product called Southwest Advantage. I guess it is software connected to online help that included a textbook of sorts.  We finally told him we were “all set” as the phrase goes. As he was packing up he asked for a bottle of water. Lynn and I both glanced at each other with a weird look but smiled and said, "yes" and opened the fridge and gave him one as he went along on his way.

Now if he were selling Kirbys, I’d all like “yeah, let’s see this puppy in action.” I’d tell him he could use our dining room carpet and test it, then tell him, “let’s see how it works on the other carpets in the house.” Heck, I’d give a Kirby guy a coffee or lunch depending on how long he was at my house, “cleaning.”

Have you seen a door-to-door salesperson since 1984? I’m just curious. Anyway, it made for a story so now it has been told.