I looked at Mac in his blue and white striped shirt this morning and, without warning and as though I had no control, blurted out, "you look like a feather pillow." I'm glad Mac and I have a good relationship. He is my supervisor although you'd never know it to listen to our petty bickering sometimes.  What would be insubordination in many workplaces is all part of the show.  The thing is, we don't plan to say a lot of these things, we just do.  On the Moose Morning Show over the years, the three of us have developed such a comfort level with you and each other that we not only say what should be said but we also, often, verbalize what we are thinking, for better or worse.  Some of our funnest and funniest moments happen that way.

So this morning I say, "Mac, you look like a pillow," which, I could see, took him aback.  Then I went on to explain that his shirt reminded me of the old feather pillows (with blue and white stripes) that I remember having as a kid. Maybe I shouldn't have said I had an urge to lay my head on his belly but, again, it's what I was thinking. That's how I roll.

The lines are blurry. You never know what's going to happen here. We don't. That's part of the fun. Thanks for sharing mornings with us :o)