Would a $1,000 a tax credit from Maine and up to a $7,500 federal tax credit encourage you to buy an electric plug-in car? A bill heading to the Maine Legislature’s Taxation Committee would do exactly that.

Me? No, considering that the cars cost nearly $40,000. So with all rebates and tax credits you’re still paying about $30,000. For me and I’m sure many others, that’s still too expensive. I’m about the environment like the next guy, but let’s revisit this and let the car manufacturers create a car that is more competitive when it comes to price. The price of a $20,000 gas-powered car and its gas consumption over 5 years is still cheaper on average and more convenient. Sorry. Please don’t use the taxpayers’ money for something like this. If you can afford a car at $40,000, than you can afford to buy it for the good of the environment without tax credits.

Let’s work on paving roads, education, health and getting the poor out of poverty.