If you use the Maine Turnpike at all, you might now make the time to get an E-ZPass. I know it sound so unnecessary if you don’t use the Maine Turnpike all that frequently, but if you are like me, LAZY, you need one.

I just got a nice letter about some changes for the Maine Turnpike. The first is the price to get a transponder has been cut from $25 down to $10. The second big thing is when you use the E-ZPass you pay less than the cash rate for the tolls. For example, the toll at the plaza for I-295 is a dollar for cash, and half that with an E-ZPass! I don’t use the Maine Turnpike as often since I moved into Augusta. But I have my E-ZPass and I will tell you why I kept it. I am lazy.

Yes, I am lazy. Without my E-ZPass, when I do want to use the Maine Turnpike, I would have to make sure I had money. Well, since I live off my debit card, I never have cash on me. I also travel frequently to Pennsylvania and can pay my tolls down and back using my E-ZPass. I don’t have to worry about cash and some places you can sail along at 65mph and don’t have to slow down! It is not often my laziness make my life easier and saves me money, in this case, lazy is the smart way to go.