I have a weakness for Chinese food and when I get a craving not just any restaurant will do.  First, let me dispel a myth that lingers to this day.  The China Dine-ah does NOT serve Chinese food.  Therefore, when the desire hits me for some Szechuan Spicy Chicken, which it often does on Sundays, it's off to Halifax Crossing in Winslow, corner of China and Cushman Roads, to get  my fix  (which is D9 on the menu)  from Lucky Panda....

I met Sandy (one of the owners) when I first started going in there several years ago. She's a terrific lady and she and her husband are incredibly hard workers as the two of them are in the restaurant every day with hardly a break, plus they raise two young children.  I've met him just once as he stays hard at work in the kitchen.

Despite the rigors of a busy and demanding life, Sandy always smiles and takes time away from what she's doing to exchange niceties, which is one of the reasons I love visiting. Another thing that impresses me about her is her uncanny ability to remember names and orders.  Very early on, when I called and said who I was, she asked me if I wanted to order the usual (both Marie Anne and me).  Later, when I brought friends in, she would always recall the friend by name the next time I came back with them (regardless of how much time had passed between visits).

As I was leaving today thinking about writing this article, I caught Sandy out of the corner of my eye and asked her if I could get a picture of her for the piece.  She said "sure," and appeared around the corner of the partial wall she was behind with her son, Chris.  They had just come back from Chris' karate competition and he had won!  Below is a picture of a proud mom and her boy...part of the untold story of a very well run family business!

Sandy and her son, Chris following a karate competition