Well, another week, another empty bank account. Wait, didn't we just get paid?

I'm on a hot streak. This is the third week in a row I've gone to draw money out of our checking account and boom: REJECTION. The debit card gets sent back out of the ATM and those two heartbreaking words are printed on my receipt, 'Insufficient Funds!'

It's always something, isn't it? Friday night we ran out of oil, and had to get it delivered Saturday morning (Ka-ching...extra cost.) Because it was dry, the furnace had to be restarted by a technician (Ka-ching...extra cost.) Total bill was over a thousand bucks. This memory, only a few days old, I guess was wiped from my mind today as I tried to take out some cash. Money, by the way, to pay for another bill.

While I'm being grumpy...don't call it an ATM machine. A stands for 'Automatic.' T stands for 'Teller.' M stands for Machine.' It's not an Automatic Teller Machine Machine. Thank you, just my 2 cents. Wait, never mind. I don't have 2 cents.