Maybe an iPad can help my test scores too! But test results show that iPads used by Auburn kindergarten students, combined with new teaching methods, are improving learning! Recent test scores show that in the fall of 2011 as students began the year, 19%  were proficient in reading skills. By the spring, 67% were proficient.

The increase was higher than previous years when no iPads were used, the data shows. There are still some concerns like some would like to see consistent “game plan” for how iPads are used in all classes. More communication with parents and some involvement with occupational therapists to ensure iPad use is not affecting fine motor growth and development or strain hand muscles or eyes. I don't know about you, but anything at all that engages a kid and has them learning things has to be explored.  I know as an adult it is hard to be a student, and I remember in school when I was a kid it was hard too.  If it makes learning fun, or just easier for some minds to process and absorb, I think it really needs consideration. It sounds like Auburn is doing a great job and keeping an eye on what is good and what might still need to be addressed as issues.