As MLB opening day continues and hockey and basketball head towards the playoffs, sports is in full swing. Even soccer is going; the only major sport on hiatus is NFL football.

I would consider all of the above mentioned, sports. However, there other events and activities that are covered in 'Sports' in the media that may or may not be sports. For example is NASCAR racing or open wheel auto racing a sport?

It certainly takes endurance and skill. I imagine it takes a toll on the body being strapped in for hours going at 100 plus miles an hour but is auto racing a sport?

Often on ESPN, you’ll see poker and pool, those two activities I do not consider sports and please don't get me started on hot dog eating contests, that shouldn't even be on ESPN 2 aka "The Deuce." I’m on the fence about about auto racing. I will say NASCAR Sundays are thrilling and entertaining but I'm not sure if it is really a sport.

What is your opinion about auto racing, is it a sport?