Earlier tonight I asked for a topic to write about on Facebook. Thank you all for your comments. I received everything on topics from bullying to Paul Walker. All of them worthy of opinion or conversation but I think I'm going to go with Christmas then and now from traditions to thoughts on the commercial aspect and more. The topic submitted by Bill McCarthy and Heather Slocomb.

Growing up in the late 70s our family was poorer than many but we still as young children enjoyed Christmas morning with simple toys, music, food and relaxation. A Hot Wheels track, a new set of clothes and maybe a few action figures. I remember my sister and I got bouncy riding horses which we named Coke and Pepsi. Christmas as a kid was magical even if the budget wasn't huge. It wasn't just about what we received it was about the stories, the mystery and happiness.

We think of Christmas now being over commercialized, maybe because of 300+ channels on TV telling us what the hot toys, electronics, clothes etc. are but it was commercial back when we were kids as well but we didn't see it that way because we were the ones getting the toys and not looking at the price tags. Who remembers the Sears "Christmas Wish Book?"

In Canada where I was raised Thanksgiving isn't at the same time as it is in the US, so the beginning of the Christmas season to us was always the beginning of Advent or December 1st.

As an adult I like Christmas different reasons, I like to see my kids eyes light up when Santa hits it right, I like the lazy aspect of the day where the only thing you have to worry about is getting to Christmas dinner at the uncle's.

Christmas Eve at my mother in-law's. That's a great time too. We play games and watch the cousins play with and wear the gifts given by the uncles, aunts, in-laws, etc.

One tradition that we've been doing for years is celebrating Christmas night with our closest friends; we exchange gifts and get Chinese.

Yes, we're one of those Christmas and Easter Catholic families so we do go to Mass on Christmas. When I was in my teens our family went to Midnight Mass but it's too hard to try and pull that off with younger kids if you know what I mean.

To answer the original question is Christmas more commercialized today than 30+ years ago? I'd say yes but then so is everything. All holidays are more commercialized, life is more commercialized. I say enjoy all aspects of the day but just remember we wouldn't have Christmas without the birth of Christ.