What is the real purpose in 2013 for Daylight Savings Time? I know it adds a bit of daylight to the end of the day rather than having it first thing in the morning. Today with a 24-hour lifestyle, it almost seem irrelevant at least as far as I can see. Locally in Maine, life my be slower, but in bigger cities and places further south with 24/7 grocery stores, round the clock shift work, etc. it almost seems pointless.

I'm indifferent to the clocks going back and forth twice a year, but it does become a pain when the kids won't go to bed before 11 pm on a Sunday night. I also remember working 12 hour shifts when the clocks changed. The company I worked for would let you punch out after 12 hours and didn't make you stay the extra hour in the fall and if I recall paid you for 12 hours even though you worked only 11 in the spring.

Most of my clocks today change on their own, but for the ones that don't, I'm getting to them as I see them. The clocks in the cars are the biggest pains. The Malibu's clock is okay to work with because I'm used to it, but the Saab, that takes an engineering degree to figure that one out.

I guess changing the clocks is a good idea because how else would we know when to change the batteries in smoke and radon detectors.