Facebook being used for inter-office communication? Are we there yet? Not so much on walls but in messages. It happened to me today and it got me thinking. I know I’ve used it to ask co-workers questions and such, because it’s always at hand and because all but one or two co-workers are Facebook friends. Texting too? Is that official enough for office communication? Email is clumsy and awkward. You have to log in and click and type out the address sometimes. I know some companies use "Yahoo Chat," or something similar, or have to communicate desk to desk. What’s funny is years ago it was frowned upon to open and use at workplaces but today social media has blown up and almost become as powerful as a company’s actual website. Does your workplace use Facebook or Twitter to promote what you’re doing or selling?

It wasn’t that long ago we all talked about the "ick factor" of Facebook. The creeps are still out there, but now with the securities the way they are, you can “custom” and hide your page in different variations and at different levels. Just odd how all social media, but in particular Facebook, has become part of our mainstream lifestyles. There all walks of life from the young to seniors, multi-national corporations, to small business on Facebook and Twitter.