One thing we promised the kids for this summer is a day trip to Funtown-Splashtown USA.  And we're thinking either this weekend or on a vacation day in a couple weeks. Either way we'll get a nice day coming up, I'm sure.It's always a fun time when we go and I love Funtown. I have yet to do Dragon's Descent. I always look up at it on the way in and say, "before the day is out, I'll tackle it." We tool around, the boys and I do Excalibur, the log flume and a few others including the Astrosphere and somehow never get to Dragon's Decent, hmmm?

The Astrosphere is a Scambler ride inside an air-locked dome with a laser light show set to music. It's a very cool ride and the music they use is ELO's "Fire on HIgh." Now obviously is too late this year, but do you think it's time for a music update or is that blasphemy?

I think, maybe "Sandstorm" by Darude would make a great choice, what about you? Or as I stated above is "Fire on High" an institution and cannot be changed.