We're grilling today? At around 10:30 am every morning my wife and I discuss what we're having for lunch or dinner, if you want to call it that. Usually it's my big meal of the day because soon after I'm off to work, until at least 8 pm. Also, cooking a bigger midday meal leaves leftovers and makes it really easy to reheat later and feed the kids for supper. Today we came up with steak as the meat part of the meal. Lynn said she would start the grill. I then pipe in, "Isn't it a bit late in the year to barbeque?" I was kind of surprised thinking she'd fry it in olive oil with seasoning.

It's almost December and we're still using the grill. When do you close up you patio? Do you grill through the winter? I guess we're going to keep grillin' so long as it continues to start and we have gas.