Last night against the Grammys was the 'Pro Bowl'. The 'Pro Bowl' is the NFL’s all-star game but without the players in the Super Bowl as the in New Jersey doing press and practicing for the game this Sunday.

Years ago the 'Pro Bowl' was played after the 'Super Bowl' and was sort of the finale to the NFL season. Now they squeeze it in between 'Championship Weekend' and the big game.

To be honest, I don’t believe I’ve ever watched the 'Pro Bowl' from beginning to end. I can’t even without looking up the score which team won.

Do you watch the 'Pro Bowl' on a yearly basis? I will watch the other all-star games, NBA, MLB and NHL games but not the 'Pro Bowl'. Is the lack of ratings due to the game going up against the 'Grammys'? Is the lack of interest due to 'Super Bowl' hype? It seems the vast majority of people don’t watch it.

The NHL all-star game won’t be played this year not because of labor negotiations but because of the winter Olympics.

Last night’s 'Pro Bowl' got 11.5 million viewers which isn’t too bad if it were on a cable channel but my guess is it’s pretty embarrassing considering it is the NFL and the 'Super Bowl' will likely get over 100 million viewers.

It was a close game (after looking up the score) 22-21, with Team Rice beating Team Sanders.

If I were Roger Goodell, the NFL's commissioner, I’d consider playing the 'Pro Bowl' on July 4th or over a weekend during the summer. It would be a spectacle as there would be no football either side of the year in three months.