I thought this would make an interesting topic and or debate. Yesterday in the Moose studio this was the quote of the day in the calendar. (pictured above) Do you agree with the statement?

I’m not sure if the news is “better” today but I will say there is more information which comes to us much more quickly than ever before. However it is harder to filter through the half truths and skews than in years passed.

If you take out the agenda pushing bloggers and commentary shows, you’re still only left with just a handful of fairly unbiased journalists and news telecasts.

We can forge a debate on whether the mainstream national news organizations just relay information the public is hungry for or should the news take a more holier than thou approach and also bring stories that don’t catch much interest or connect directly to us in the US but are important to those who are affected.

Is news better now or is there just more hype? The biggest gripe I have especially when it comes to politics is seemingly not many try to look objectively and make their own conclusions and just tune into who delivers their point of view and this is true of both the left and right.

As for the world getting worse, I honestly think the world is better today than it was 30 years ago. There is no real scare of a cold war, Ebola isn’t as much of a threat as AIDS was back then and aside from a few rouge nations we’re a pretty okay.

If we just calm down and try not just hate for the sake of the (D) or (R) after the name I think we can be a more cohesive society. We’re all in this together. This is just my take on everything, what's yours?