To a lot of people, a dog is just a dog. However, there are a lot more people like me, who think that a dog is just a part of the family as anyone else.

When you go for a ride, the dog goes for a ride. When you go for a walk, the dog goes for a walk. And, if you have a Great Dane like I do, when you go to the bathroom, the dog has to come, too.

Rambo can't handle not being involved in whatever it is we're doing. And when I say "we're", I mean "me". Puppy-dog has to be in whatever room I'm in. He'll whine at the door while I'm in the shower, stick his head out the window and whine when I get out to fuel the truck, and lay directly next to the recliner when I'm sitting. If your dog is going to try so hard to be a part of the family, the very least we can do is accept them as a member.

So all you non-dog/pet people, the next time you think it's over the top or crazy that we have our dogs involved in every aspect of our lives and see us sharing an ice cream cone with a Great Dane, just remember, it's not a dog, it's a member of our family!