It is such a little treat to go to gas station and have gas pumped for you.  It is not that I can't do it.  I can and I do, since most places I go do not have  attendants to pump the gas.  But for some people it is not a luxury, it is more of a needed service.  And on a very selfish note, they give out treats to a dog in car, and ShadowDog REALLY likes that service.
There are still a few station that will pump your gas and check your oil. But think about it, if you have kids in the car, pumping and paying for gas can be a challenge.  Maybe you have a physical condition that makes it hard to pump your own.  Or you are on your way to someplace where you have to appear nice and clean, like a job interview or a wedding and you need gas.  It is nice to know you can get a helping hand.  Even if it cost me a little more at the pump, I am glad stations like J&S Oil and Fabian Oil still offer this.  Thanks!