Here is something I don't understand. Why do gas prices fluctuate so much from town to town or street to street or even block to block? From what I saw yesterday at about 12:30 p.m., the Gulf station is in line now charging $3.68 a gallon, but yesterday that Gulf station on Minot Ave. had their regular unleaded on the sign for $3.85. While just a block or two down the road, the Circle K and Big Apple were tied in price at $3.68.


It's two-tenths of a mile people, a 13 cent difference? I know it's a free world and you can charge what you like, but it's insane that there is that much of a difference on one street. I've seen a 13 or 14 cent difference between Augusta stations and Auburn stations before, just never from two stations so close. The kicker, there were people filling up at the station selling gas for $3.85.


It pays to look around a bit for gas prices. The lowest gas price within reason though, I'm not going to Cape Elizabeth to pay $3.49 or something.