Red Sox are undefeated! Okay, it's been only one game but it's still awesome to see a convincing win out of the gate. As I try to do every opening day before the Red Sox take the field, watch 'Fever Pitch' with Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore. It truly is a great movie. Even if you’re not a Red Sox fan, you get a lot out of it.

Guys, how many times have you heard, “how you feel about the Red Sox (or _____) is how I feel about you?”

Ladies, how many times have you has your guy fell in love with sports, work, a car or something other than you?

It’s a bit different today where the Red Sox have two World Series championships in the last 10 years but my favorite line from that movie was and kind of still is, “You love the Red Sox, but have they ever loved you back?” I take from that, your priorities should be in finding purpose in who loves you.

I think another interesting scene in the movie is when Ben (Fallon’s character) and his buddies are eating dinner in a restaurant and they notice Red Sox players eating a few tables away and getting along after a major loss. Ben looks at his friends and it dawns on him that to these players the game of baseball is work, a job, a vocation of sorts. A lot of heart warming moments in the movie and parts of it that relate to life no matter your passion.

Watching the movie now, there isn’t anyone still with the Red Sox that was part of that 2004 team except David Ortiz. It’s always great to see that footage of Damon, Veritek, Bellhorn and Wakefield, etc.

Another cool movie fact which is probably widely know by Red Sox fans, the creators of Fever Pitch had to recreate the ending of the movie because as we all know they won after 86 years.