Going over the calendar of all things silly and I see today is 'National Cappuccino Day.' First cappuccino that comes to mind, that I enjoy, is French Vanilla. Oh yes, sweet warm and delicious. A cappuccino does sound good on a rainy cold night like tonight. It makes sense now that I look closer at the word "cappuccino." It is Italian and congers up thoughts of what I like about a cappuccino.  I didn't know it is made with espresso?  Not a big fan of cinnamon but when I roll up to the Dunkin or Tim's drive thru, you bet I'll like it. I also like the powdered stuff out of the rectangular tin. The brand escapes me now, but that's very good as well. In the summer, although it's a very seldom treat, I do enjoy an iced cappuccino like a Coolata.