Retired Game Warden John Ford Sr. and Retired Trooper Mark Nickerson will be at Barnes and Noble, Marketplace at Augusta, tomorrow afternoon from 1-3...

All three of the books, two by John and one by Mark, account the gentlemen's long, illustrious careers in their respective occupations. While John weaves much humor into his stories, Mark has a much more serious tone in many of his, giving you the feeling you're riding along. Some of the content is intense, but that's what I want and would expect from a book titled, "Blue Lights in the Night."

John has chosen many stories that, although serious by nature, are humorous because of the absurdity of the situations people get themselves into. Again, the title leads you to believe there will be humor by their very wording: "Suddenly, the Cider Didn't Taste so Good" and "The Cider Still Tastes Funny."

I recommend all three books as they all get at the very heart of what it's truly like to be a state trooper or game warden in Maine. What's better is meeting these two guys. Don't miss your chance!

↓John and Mark interview