Okay, this was fun! I worked the window at Mickey D's on New County Road (Rt 1) in Thomaston with my new buddy Sabrina (Beanie) and got to meet a ton of great people who came sailing through the drive-thru for lunch. I would LOVE this job...but ONLY as a greeter and passer. Put a headset on me and make me multi-task, and you can kiss your business goodbye....
Derwood and Brian, the managers, were very good to work with as was the whole team, which I now consider myself a part of. Even though I'm loud, a little boisterous and a little odd, they overlooked my shortcomings and let me be a goofball. I've been home just a few, short, hours and I already miss them. Tonight, I just know I'll dream of Big Macs, french fries, Southwest Chicken Salads and McFlurries.

Just back from vacation and I'm having as much fun this week as I had ON vacation. Thanks Ron and Cindy Lydick. Thanks for having me at your store and remind me to tell you about my idea for "special sauce infused sesame seed buns."