Well, there's no holiday sense of understanding on the roads in Augusta, I'll tell ya that. I saw a guy from Public Works stringing lights on the tree in the center of the Cony Circle of Death today and I did what any other news reporter would have done. I abandoned my vehicle in my lane on the circle, got out and took this neat photo! How festive!

The man in the bucket (I love those bucket trucks...wish I had one) was stringing lights all over that tree. As I stood there waiting for my phone to focus, listening to the cars honking in displeasure, I wondered to myself, "What color will they be this year? Will they be single colors on each tree...like red and green and pink...or will they be a myriad of colors...or, gasp, will they all be white? (Please, let them not be all white!)"

After awhile, a police officer showed up and walked over to me. He began to say, "You're holding up traffic...." However,, upon realizing who I was, he said, "Jonny, buddy!!"

As we stood there on the circle discussing the possible colors of the Christmas tree lights (sorry, I don't say "holiday tree" unless forced), a trooper came by and told us we were holding up traffic. So I snapped my pic, said goodbye and the officer and I parted ways.

Okay...here's my holiday confession...in the morning when I come in to the station and there's nary a soul on the roads, I get on the circle of death with those beautifully lit trees and I go round and round, faster and faster, until those light's look, not like separate trees but, rather like a single band of lights. When I start to get nauseous, I cross the bridge and do the same thing on the Memorial Circle of Death. Such fun. I like to think of it as my holiday pre-show warm-ups.

Well, anyway, that's how I roll. All that said, I can't help but wonder what color those lights will be. C'mon, Augusta, surprise us!