I am a big firearms advocate for several reasons. Here are two of the biggest. First, I enjoy shooting at targets because I challenge myself to get better and will, hopefully someday, compete. Secondly, and as importantly, it's a very unsafe world and I choose NOT to bury my head in the sand and think everything's going to be just fine.

Sadly, I personally know a family who could have been spared devestating and life altering injuries had one shot been fired. Yes, right here in small-town central Maine. Think it couldn't happen at your house? Let's just say, I hope it doesn't happen at anybody's home but, the fact is, it can and it may. I, for one, want to be ready. My family is something that can never be replaced. Why would I NOT do all I can to spare them? The second amendment gives me the right to do so. Thugs that may come to do harm to your family will carry whether they have the right to do so or not. You have an obligation.

I hear it said by many, many people who live in a fantasy world, "that's what 9-1-1 is for!" Even most police will tell you that YOU may need to be the first defense, especially if you live in a rural area (and Maine has a few of those). I mean, look at Clinton. They may lose their police department and residents are being told that many calls may go unanswered until the next day! Can you hide out in your house for that long? Of course, in a dire emergency they would respond more quickly, however, that tells you something. There are NO POLICE committed to that area so, regardless of the emergency, response time isn't going to be lickity split.

In Maine, you don't need any kind of permit to have a gun in your home so long as you are legally allowed to posess firearms. Firearms training, though not necessary, is highly recommended for anbody who owns one. Let me preface the video below by saying I have not taken the particular course featured in this piece (Frontsite Firearms Training Institute)

There are plenty of local places to get your training as well (which also qualifies you for concealed carry) like:

Fox Firearms, Vassalboro- 622-3686

Birch Knoll Enterprises, China- 200-7522

Paradis Outfitters, Sidney- 547-GUNS (4867)

Now, meet Melissa Kendall: